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23 August 2017


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Mahshid Shahrzad

Human Rights in Australia = 0
Human Rights in PNG = 0

Happy new slavery!.....😭😭
Dotten 🤥😠and the Liberal Party🤥😠 are the killer of the innocent.

Shame!! ..:( .....
Embarrass !...:( :(
If your Nauru and Manus is a good place to live, send your children there.
Nauru and Manus are insecure,

Do you understand ?! ....
No! ....... you do not understand.😠

The liberal state, in its own imagination, has the borders
Secured, unaware that you have slaughtered human lives in slavery camps.

Shame on the Liberal Party.🤥😠
Shame on the Labor Party.🤥😠
Both are "Fascists",
Molcolm Turnbul 🤥😠
Bill Shorten🤥😠


Bernard Corden

Political language is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind - George Orwell

If you took the opposite to much of the sesquipedalian hogwash in this media statement, it would be nearer the truth.

It is like much of the corporate bilge masquerading as leadership which is often evident in the policies of the global mining behemoths.

Always be sincere, even if you don't mean it - Harry S Truman

The AFP training and mentoring facilities in Lae alternate between the Melanesian Hotel and the Yacht Club.

Philip Fitzpatrick

I think what Lindsay is saying is that Australia only helps with fighting TB in Western, Gulf and Central because there is a threat of it spreading to Australia. He adds that Australia doesn't help in other rural areas because there is nothing 'eye-catching' about it.

Not sure what the middle bit is about but he ends by warning PNG of Australian meddling in the APEC circus i.e. they meddled in the election so why not APEC?

Couple of good points albeit obscured.

Lindsay F Bond

At least on being that two governments "deal with TB in areas that include Western Province, Gulf Province and Port Moresby, and this is saving lives", while such measure and means is pre-emptive for health of Australians, lifting skills and processes 'broader than border' more likely filters into others levels of bilateral capability and eventually, achievement.

Yet, not only at village level, that which is an 'eye-catching' 'edifice' of band-aided accomplishment by governments and non-government, if unfunded and unattended in ongoing program of usage, maintenance and improvement, makes for fascicle phases and fables, which is itself so sad, but gut-wrenching that the participants will have departed, too likely not contributing to restructure.

So, a good job begun is a step for the desired goal, as history shows of landmarks (such as in Europe) that were decades in construction, no matter that their current assignment is celebration from camera-imaging.

Caution note: As a level of culpability was glanced on Australia's Government in PNG National Election 2017, what is to be expected of each national governance with respect to the forthcoming APEC at Port Moresby?

William Dunlop

What a load of clap trap.

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