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14 August 2017


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Congratulations Daniel. Another success story and achievement. Looking forward to purchasing a copy of this one. Wakai we...

Jordan, the cover is beautiful.

But the girl on the cover miraculously survived a massacre. Her Polynesian mum and Melanesian dad and brother were all killed in revenge for an equally senseless killing of a final year university student – one example of how our innocent women and students suffer in this crime-ridden, corruption imbedded country of ours.

You must have seen on EMTV news last night that a young mother, a journalist Rosalyn Albaniel Evara was not buried after the funeral service because police want to investigate the cause of her death – suspecting domestic violence.

Women in our country must continue to suffer it seems.

Beautiful cover. Congratulations Daniel.

Hi Daniel, I am sorry I lost contact with you, I just got back from the US.

I am so deeply honoured to see that you went ahead with the book and can not wait to read it. I will be purchasing it right now.

Please write to me, we have a lot to catch up on. I can not wait to hear from you.

Email me on

I'm one of the close relative of late Leo Kende and I'm interested in purchasing " Survivor: Alive in Mum's Loving Arms"

I am glad I advised the girl against coming to PNG during this year’s national elections warning her of violence that permeates every election.

‘The national elections would take place in 2017 and it was not a good time to visit. There was bound to be a lot of violence in the country. People would fight vigorously to get into parliament – power and wealth meant more than human life,’ I warned her as recorded in my new book.

She currently lives in New Zealand where her mother lies buried at Waikamete cemetery in Auckland.

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