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25 August 2017


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One of the effective means to fight corruption and put our young nation into its perspective is to have a dictator with a right frame of mind with a moral character who can eliminate corrupt system and people who are involved. A classical example is Fiji who have done it without any blood shed and as a result their economy grows three times. People are also happy enjoying life.

It doesn't matter if the PNG government is one of the most corrupt in the world.

It only matters that they are and that poor people suffer for it.

It's more critical that the corruption is inextricably entrenched within the public service mechanism and is led from the office of the PM.

Political and public service corruption is bad enough that it results in measurable decline across the economy and suffering within the middle class and low income earners and subsistence families. These folks are the bulk of our population.

That social media advocacy has not resulted in mass demonstrations is a real disappointment and something practical that should be worked towards and is one sure way of strengthening our democracy.

Perhaps the audience of social media is disempowered from joining social organisations. This should be remedied.

The farcical election is a clear indication that our political leaders have become arrogant in their corruption, knowing that the public can do little against them.

It does not require a great deal of thought to try to resolve our declining state, rather we need to act more on principle and for mutual benefit, to stop praying and just do right.

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