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01 August 2017


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Lindsay F Bond

Wasn’t only the ‘39th‘ that worked wonderfully for places and peoples of (a later) PNG, but every clerk in counting, every driver in delivering, every sailor in steering, every watcher in relaying, every medic in sustaining…by the way, ‘39th‘ strength was its availability, loyalty and cohesion…‘39th‘ wasn’t an ‘A team’, but served admirably. Busa lists earnestly, a contributory example.

What resourcefulness of awareness and willingness will arise and with timeliness to counter firstly the blitz invasion of electoral process, a flanking of fieldings (with some bullish runs at transportation). Counting too the casualties and reviewing provisioning for active engagements are needed at all ports and stages.

More if ‘general’, it appears PNG Organic Law and perhaps PNG Constitution now archived in code-words on paper and in codes digitised, have yet to imprint in the consciousness and composure of a more sufficient number of electoral constituents. What will constitute ‘overwhelming force’ of public awareness and engagement, so as to constrain each rogue and crim before they consort in cohorts?

Won’t be a 39th. Would it be another ‘PIB’? What courage and commitment showed 75 years ago!

Who now is saluting ‘Equality and participation‘, that flagging under attack?

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