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13 August 2017


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when I send £50 to my grandson in Lae the office here and then in Lae demand all sorts of security to ensure I'm not into money laundering!!!!!

Yet the big bank of Oz just allows the big boys to run roughshod over it.
and giant HSBC ploughs its merry way despite being found out and like many of the other big bankers and finance houses agree to pay what to you and i seem large -get off free fines - which in fact may be a mere months profits.
See Goldman Sacks Venezuela activities to save that nation helped by Nomura.

Our Kavieng MP was defrocked for his corrupt dealings in late 80s but i am sure the NIP elites now have better mentors in the logging barons of the province who can shift it off shore with no trails.

Filthy scum

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