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01 September 2017


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I know Phil. That's why I keep running to you for advice. You the best!

Your books are better laid out Jordan but I win on the editing.

It's because I'm older I think - less computer savvy but more time with words.

But if you can do it and an old fart like me can do it there's no reason why most PNG writers can't do it.

Moses Maladina is a writer too Michael. His novel 'Tabu' was reviewed on PNG Attitude years ago.

Moses Maladina owns Ambai's bookshop at Jackson's International terminal.

Ambai's has a good collection of books by Soaba, Stella, Winduo and the likes.

Very expensive but.

For PNG writers to be independent, we need dedicated people like Phil who can spend their time editing, mentoring, and promoting our books.

The people we look up to for advice and guidance like Dr. Winduo, Russel Soaba and John Kasaipwalova have busy work schedules. That leaves us with no choice but to do things our way.

I've published eight books already using the same platform that Pukpuk Publications uses and I think I am on par or better. That is, I am quite good at it already. So publishing is not an issue.

The issue is getting those books onto the shelves of our libraries and bookshops in the country.

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