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16 August 2017


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Lindsay F Bond

Looppng today reports Twivey Lawyers served documents pertaining to contempt of court proceedings, apparently to allege that statements said to have been made, were intended to impair the impartiality of a Supreme Court proceeding regarding a warrant of arrest against the Prime Minister.
Persons so served are Vanimo MP, Belden Namah and Madang MP, Bryan Kramer.
Mr Namah said he will (respond by) challenge, and Mr Kramer said he will defend (in response).

Tene Angale

I believe the majority of PNG citizens are in favour of Justice Makail's decision. If we run a nationwide fundraising drive led by the Opposition to raise enough money to hire a law firm to revisit CJ Injia's decision and the pending Sunday voting, we may all be satisfied after the results.

A kina or two into this account by disgruntled and unfairly victimized citizens will definitely reach a million or two which will be adequately sufficient to hire a reputable local or overseas law firm to do the job in an endeavor to deliver justice.

Jordan Dean

We have a justice system that spends most of it's time correcting its own errors and less time dealing with the crimes committed. Lawyers win cases based on errors of the judiciary and not more on the truth or evidences of crimes committed by the offenders. Crooks and murders walk away freely because of 'technicalities'. Our justice system is weak and needs an overhaul.

William Dunlop

More than well spoken Busa. And here but by the grace of God go I!

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