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05 July 2017


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A reflection of PNC's PNG.

The soul has vacated this nations public service.

The proudly proclaimed Melanesian Way is dead and buried.

The foul carcass is riddled with voracious maggots.

Shame. This is pettifoggery at its best/worst.

Shameful that a nation where many lives have been saved and pain eased by a brilliant and dedicated doctor should treat that doctor so badly.

I hope that at least one person sleeps uneasily until this matter is justly resolved.

Thank you Scott Waide for this article.

How can we as Papua New Guineans say our culture is based in respect when our actions are not in alignment with our beliefs and culture?

Is this how we treat elders and pioneers that contribute to service delivery in our country? This is not right!

What is the purpose of being in a position of authority when we cannot do what is ethically right in every sense of the word?

It's simple - get out of the chair you're sitting in and attend to the issue at hand. A simple approach that the relevant authorities could have done was travel to Lae and visit late Dr Niblett and his wife and come up with solutions.

When it comes to a human being, forget the protocols, procedures and policies – the very fact that a life needs to be saved is our paramount duty of care. We could have given him the respect he deserves as a human being.

A humble man with a passion to serve our country as an oncologist. I never met the late Dr Niblett but here is a person who was a passionate in this job and it is evident in the work he did to save cancer patients in our country.

I'm so furious that champions who are professionals in their own right are treated in this manner. This is an example of arrogance, unethical, in human treatment. There are so many pioneers in the adversity of challenges have been committed, loyal, dedicated with a beautiful spirit to serve our people with humility.

To the late Dr Niblett's wife and family, my prayers, love and thoughts are with you all at this time.

May his beautiful soul rest in peace.

To the people of Papua New Guinea – lets’ all stand together and speak up against such ill practices, towards individuals who have dedicated their lives to contribute in helping our nation get to where we are today.

“Pasin barata na luksave mas stap olgeta taim”. We cannot call ourselves Papua New Guinean until our actions do the talking.

A sad tale. A total disgrace...

This is a great tragedy.
Does Pascoe Kase have any conscience?
How sad for Dr Niblett's family and for all the cancer sufferers in PNG who want the help of a good oncologist so they can live longer.

Three great mysteries of the cosmos:

1. String or chaos theory?

2. Is there a unified quantum or field theory?

3. How does the Secretary for Health keep his job?

Sad that in PNG, use is made of the word 'leaders' where referring to persons for whom respect has long abated and long been derided, whereas of so many folk deserving and even entitled to respect, we find those saddled with the descriptor 'pleaders'.

How disgraceful. Totally unforgivable.

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