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27 July 2017


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I didn't include sex as a fundamental human need in the original version of this article but I guess a lot of people will see it that way. It is a biological urge essential for the continuance of our species after all.

The upheaval in the Catholic church probably demonstrates the power of this urge but, then again, many people live a celibate and satisfied life.

If you were given a choice of sex or the provision of information what would you chose? I guess that's a qualitative decision.

Foods or rorts?

For PNG, the Governor-General’s call is starch for home consumption, a ‘sago’ suggestive of the polymeric carbohydrate used by plants as energy storage.

Unleashing unpalatable polysaccharide for humans requires work known well to folk among waving palms.

Shortening time will ‘reduce’ flows, such haste of paste affecting taste.

Bypassing productive conversion is likely to render sago unpalatable, with scant warning to consumers.

Where governments promote grainy crops, folk are impelled to needing fertilisers, so risking independence.

Energy of plants is evident in ‘highest number of members versus greatest number of candidates’.

Returns of cropping top this harvesting to be with writ not without. Plants indeed?

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