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18 July 2017


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Your love had tinged my tongue
It had veered my heart towards thee
Thy truth purged and denuded my eyes
I could see clearly who sits on your sides
Truly, thou have certain mysterious sons.

Awake, I see a converse taking place of the spirit
A wonted song being played in the ether
For there’s a stirring of the assembly in heaven
As lightning spurts across bleakly southern sky
Nations and kings banded forming an army.

Awake, they come together in alliance
They drive the inhabitants into fear and anxiety
With the mighty arm of money and treachery
The innocent bleed inwardly in silence and pity
The common, the lowly, the folly are under siege.

Once pious servants, the incumbents have succumbed
To the righteousness of sin and impurity
Men have defended the pleasure of iniquity
They’ve reviled and mocked things which are godly
Undeniable truth and moral law shredded asunder.

Awake, why do they fear the kings of Egypt now
To face wickedness that has bloom farthest?
Are they afraid of the chariots of the dust?
Oh God, in this heat of winter, they beat their breasts.
They hide behind tag of religion in yellow.

Others are preoccupied with brag and brawl
None is willing to die and pay the price
In the wilderness of Rephidim and Kadesh
But grumble and rumble—their game of dice
So wickedness is propagated more over all.

Awake, for even those who despise God say:
Their prayers have become far from sanity
Talking to someone that is dead; o what vanity
Believing in a god created by myth of men only
O my! These have blaspheme the most high.


Awake, just as exit was and is before entry,
What then is before the first?
And what can be after the last?
What is before the light and after the night?
But yeah, I can see God in the midst of this evilly.

When light comes forth out of the darkness
The cross of death becomes a glorious vale
So the pains of disdain, a price for our gain
And darkness: a cradle unto man’s liveliness.

Look! The Lord’s slaughtering sword: so devouring
His angel of death rules a bloody path
And when thy vessel of wrath plays his art
When your hand becomes heavy to part
Who can stand it all; your judgment so horrifying.

Awake; they that trust in chariots shall be doomed
Those that led and fed on evil shall be rid
Yet out of His majestic throne came the bid
Whom shall I send, who shall take the deed?
Lo, from His left, one came forth and stood.

I will O my Lord; burden of my greatest desire
For you O Lord have spoken evil concerning them
And hath declared war and have them condemned
Send me my Lord; burden of my greatest pleasure
For they have wrought abominations so dire.

Confusion and tension prevails for a time—a test of fidelity
Who can, who have solved such a mystery
I you O Lord: neither happenstance, nor treachery can be
But at the dais of fane: the lowly shall grasp this mystery
Them that shall thread upon your darkest cradle.

Who dares to stand and face evil squarely?
Who shall face the foe in righteousness?
Or who shall be a prophet or prophetess
Unto the Lord in truth and fearlessness?
Iffiness, may His will be done anyway.

Godly love has become just mere fable
These have adopted doctrines of demons
The sin of Miriam has infected the nations
The families and communities are leprous
Human right has defied the law of God.

Awake oh people of the most-high
Be a witness, take a glimpse of Him
The one, the reason of this season
For who shall avert His potent hand
Awake oh children, for His jury is nigh.

The arch angel is descending from on high
His sword flashes dividing asunder shrouding clouds
The earth shakes and quakes at his appearance
In accord with the rhythm of his brilliance
Awake cho-sons: the call of the Lord our God...sigh!

Author and Poet (FB)

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