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22 July 2017


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A very big thank you to Paul Flanagan for the time and money he has spent on this exercise to show beyond a shadow of doubt what most of us have known but not been able to assemble in such a meaningful way, for some time.

What tends to confirm Paul Flanagan's statistical evidence is that both the Electoral Commissioner and the Caretaker PM have not hurriedly presented any evidence to the contrary.

Couple that with the lack of any information to the appointed review committee and one can only draw a single conclusion.

Some expected problems now exist for a new PNG government if indeed it comes into being.

If those who have enjoyed the benefits of power now try to hold on to it, the unfortunate backlash we have seen in Finschhafen may escalate across some parts of the country where a losing candidate's supporters won't accept the outcome.

Secondly, if it looks like the anti PNC O/N factions will unite and form a new government, will they be able to satisfy their supporters since the government coffers have been emptied long ago. Promising the 'benefits' of government may be therefore somewhat difficult to deliver in practice.

Thirdly, any new coalition, and it will have to be a coalition, must be quickly able to convince the nation that it will govern for all PNGians.

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