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Pharmacy at GorokaWARIME GUTI | Translated by Keith Jackson

TODAY I went to the pharmacy to buy a GlucoMeter.

The man ahead of me in the queue looked very ill and he had a note from the hospital nurse prescribing the medicine he must purchase.

He gave the note to the cashier who looked at it and said the total cost would be K31 for Mala-Wan and Primaquine.

The man reached into his pocket and pulled out K20, only enough to buy the Mala-Wan but he was short of the full amount of money.

I was greatly saddened by this. This was the first time I’d seen anything like this.

I looked right at the cashier and thought he must see plenty of sick people who have little money. The cashier was sorry for these people, but what could he do? It wasn’t his shop or a public hospital. The pharmacy was a business.

I nodded my head and the cashier knew what I was thinking and gave the man the medicine which I was going to purchase for him.

At the time I nodded my head I felt sorry for the cashier because he was finding it difficult to tell people who are short of money that they did not have enough to buy the medicine they need.

Papua New Guinea’s free health policy….

Whatever happened to it?


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Jimmy Awagl

O'Neill developed deceiving policies only to lure support and point scoring to play as a dictator in running the country.

Free Health Care and Education is extremely a failed policy which PNC Party used to seek Party Glory. This fails PNG terribly.

Lindsay F Bond

What upside or benefit is there where PNG pollies have put in place a regime of so called free education and free health care? Sure enough, no localised cash flash, which trashes income possibilities for untold number of corrupt collectors of coin. That revenue stream diminished will affect those who were stealing or otherwise bending rules of law and of local trust, exposing them to at least implied derision for their lately lacking of largess.

But is that measurable in terms of local trade and confidence? Effect may be at cash transacting businesses, though not at law court appearances, for concealment amid custom has been the principle skillset.

That said, what is a downside to this PNG regime of so called free education and free health care? Not the least is loss of independence, in that it cements reliance on a single and central government. Cultivating of each service delivery station and officeholder (indeed also Province) a ‘cap in hand’ relationship with a ‘come to papa’ provider (namely government source) entrances expectation and entrenches exploitation in terms of human self-esteem.

How is that measurable, is no longer a question, it is a pastime of people at all level and location in PNG, exasperating an insufficiency of words to express outrage and an inability to gain certainty of the worth of expending energy in communicating it as data. As to local trade, pharmaceuticals seem topping as investment opportunity but with little of pain relief for a pillaged people.

Maureen Patia

Health and education are not free, money has to be spent!

Michael Dom

O'Neill fucked us over. It's that simple. I don't understand why people don't see this.

William Dunlop

O'Neill happened.

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