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05 June 2017


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Mero’s suggestion has the mobility traction of his ability to ride a bicycle; not at town nor at tract.

What’s the truth in “planning to set up tourist police to look after tourists throughout the country”?
Courtesy of access is by deliberate act in rural PNG, not a ‘throw-away thought’ about copping rascals.

Perhaps Ambassador Mero could offer suggestions of how he would improve the distribution of services in his country?

Clearly there is a barely hidden agenda here that plays well into the hands of any who currently have an anti Australian agenda.

If I thought it was worth the effort, I would suggest Mr Mero actually check out what conditions were like before PNG Independence and how they have been 'managed' over the last 42 years.

Perhaps there are still a few oldtimers around that would remember what it actually was like but their recollections wouldn't fit Mr Mero's mixed messages to his Northern friends.

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