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08 May 2017


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Organization of anything such as an event to come to fruition requires the heart of commitment and time, its the idea that brings the success.

Campaign for school children readership is a brilliant concept but who will have the heart to do it?

Its a challenge for everyone of us now.

Thanks Phil for the job well done for 2016 anthology.

Excellent questions, Michael. As you rightly say, Manu and his team have done a terrific job. It'll be even more terrific if you can spare the time to help them answer those questions - your own professional and other priorities notwithstanding. Just asking ....

Well done to Emmanuel and team.

Thank you for your effort to publish this volume Phil.

There is a lot of really good material being entered.

It would be welcome to hear news of any feedback from readers or users (read teachers and students) who might be accessing the Pukpuk publications.

Is there enough publicity?

Do writers societies and/or the Crocodile Prize Organizing Group need to make more input into addressing school audiences?

What will be our next planned contribution to National Book Week?

There are many interesting things we can do but these need to be done together so that they do not become a chore.

The same with the Crocodile Prize.

Everyone is too busy to do everything, but all anyone needs to do is one thing.

Thank you very much Philip. Much appreciated. Planning and carrying out tasks so that this year can be better organised.

Thank everyone for the understanding and the support.

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