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13 May 2017


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Iso, you reminded me of how I got employed.

When i was looking for employment a tribal blocked the only access into town (Kundiawa).I had been out for over 10 months as a villager.

One day some one that I knew who was a member of the mobile squad patrolling the fighting zone dropped the days newspaper in my hands.

As I was going through the pages I came across job advertisent within the Simbu provincial govt. I applied for a position but since I was cut off from the provincial capital which located in enemy territory i had to cross over the Bismark Range on foot into the Ramu valley to catch a PMV into Madang to post my application.

It was after 2 ddays and a night outside at Kalibobo
Light house after leaving Simbu that I finally got the application posted.

The hardship paid off and I got the job. That was in 1990 and rising through rank and file I am a Provincial Forest officer now.

Thank you Iso, for sharing with us some of the frustration, anger and sadness that you experienced while trying to find a job.

You are a good thinker and writer and I hope you will keep up with your stories in your spare time. We enjoy reading them.

And remember to always wear a safety harness while you skim up those tall towers to get a great view of the world.

Great recount of your experience, Iso. I hope you are continuing to do well in your vocation.

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