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11 May 2017


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It will surprise most people to learn that Archbishop Sir Brian Barnes OFM told me he had never had a death threat or attacked in any way.He was a quiet man of Peace.I never heard him raise his voice in anger.

If I remember correctly I first met Brian Barnes back in 1984 when he was Police Chaplain and he came to Hagen for the visit of the Pope in May 1984, just over 33 years ago. He was very impressive in full Police Uniform. I remember him as a firm yet kind person.

By way of additional information the following has been copied from obituary put out by the Franciscan Friars. If I read it correctly after the funeral mass in Waverly NSW the remains will be cremated and later interred in Aitape. PNG.

Brian James Patrick Barnes was born at Wingham in New South Wales on 23rd March 1933 to Arthur Keith Barnes (28/05/1986) and Eileen Barnes (nee Whereat, 9/02/1988). He joined the Order of Friars Minor (Franciscans) in 1951 and was first professed on 18th February 1952. He was ordained a priest on 12th July, 1958. ….. …….
Archbishop Brian is survived by his two brothers, Michael Barnes and Denis Barnes, and his sister, Maureen Dingelstad.
Mass of Christian Burial for Emeritus Archbishop Brian Barnes OFM will be celebrated at Mary Immaculate Church, 45A Victoria Street, Waverley, NSW, Australia on the 20th Day of May, 2017 beginning at 11am. At the conclusion of mass, the cortege will proceed to Macquarie Park for a cremation. The remains of Archbishop Brian Barnes will be interred at St Didacus Friary Cemetery, Aitape, Papua New Guinea.

Bishop Brian Barnes is a household name in PNG. He reached out to people of different ages and walks of life. His words and actions reflected the true charisma of a Priest, Prophet and King. The government and the people valued the special qualities of this Priest.

May God grant him Eternal life.

Sir Brian was a true man of God. He knew corruption and all things evil are the works of the devil.

It was his duty to fight the devil at all cost. Deportation meant nothing to him.

Such men are rare these days when PNG needs them most.

Many church leaders think the old King James bible in the parliament chambers will do the fighting.

The devil is never afraid of objects.

May Sir Brian's soul rest in eternal peace.

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