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04 April 2017


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Prime minister Peter O'Neill is borrowing excessive money and creating great debt for the country to repay.

A deficit budget for 2017 is imminent and is the collaborative effort of Finance, Treasury and the Prime Ministers. Yet they are pointing fingers to pass the blame to others before the election.

Whoever wins the election and forms the next government does not matter but the debt of K21.9 billion is an issue for the next government to clean up Peter O'Neill's mess.

The equation is just so simple.

If those who are now suffering and haven't been paid wonder why? There is only one national cake.

If the PM and his cronies have kept themselves in power by handouts (read DSIP funds) to keep their followers loyal, those who have seen the small 'trickle down' of lollies aught to now acknowledge where it came from. Bengbeng istap pinis ya!

Those who lauded the wonderful new edifices of those who wanted to spend other people's money to enhance their own egos now need to acknowledge that's where the money has gone.

Inogat mutmut istilem em. Samting istap long ai bilo ol. Kisim aiglas na lukim gutia.

Olsem wanem sampla pipol ikalap nogut? Pastaim olgeta bengbeng ibin bagarap pinis long taim inogat moa moni.

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