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07 April 2017


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Matkomnai people are brought to focus of attention by writings of Dr Kevin Pondikou, by endeavours of Sisters of Mercy and Mercy Works PNG, by Ausaid (see Turnbull/Coffey), by a young lad of life here commemorated.

Position of Matkomnai in Google map (fuzzy image) is no more too remote for humanitarian responsiveness.
Matkomnai is, by the road to Tabubil, about 50k north of Kiunga.

As WW2 ills famed Awala, as Mt. Lamington's ill famed Waseta, a lad's ailment gives focus to Matkomnai.
A lad obliviously, a family obligatedly, now helps knowing of people, place, and personal circumstance.
Connectedness in this current era can contribute to compassionate engagement by readers everywhere.

I have great empathy for Dr Pondikou and Sr Philo and of course the poor parents who lost their child to a treatable illness.

Given the appalling state of PNG rural health services, in fact all public health services, this is only one of thousands of such stories that could be told each year.

Kevin Pondikou is a rural doctor and an award-winning writer. Here are links to some other noteworthy contributions to PNG Attitude, illustrated with his own photographs:

Very emotional. For goodness sake, my heart aches.

Please government, hear our cries. We want better health services etc especially in our rural areas. O, government of the day, please services in rural areas.

May the soul of this little prince rest well. I am sure, this is one of many such stories out there.

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