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25 April 2017


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Dear Paul,

You could also add the Burmese people. Whilst I am not an acolyte of Churchill, he did often make some thought provoking comments such as...." You can tell how civilised a nation is by the way it treats its prisoners"


There may well be something in what you say however I firmly believe the PNG people would have had a very different life under Imperial Japanese rule. Just ask the Koreans and Chinese.

Dear Paul,

It contains too many two syllable words for Turnbull's cabinet ministers.

Scomo has two books on economics and has just finished colouring in the first one (This was originally one of Gough's comments about Clyde Cameron)

Some historians would have it that the USA used Billy Hughes as their puppet against Japan. The USA's opposition to Japan was strategically motivated but also racially motivated. They didn't want them in the League of Nations and pushed Hughes to the front so they weren't seen as the main activist.

Some historians also think that these actions eventually precipitated the attack on Pearl Harbour.

The USA has a long history of manipulating Australia for its own ends. The farcical vote that gave West Papua to the Indonesians is another example.

Now it looks like they'll drag us into Donald Trump's wild dreams.

Before the Americans it was the British using Australia for its own ends viz the debacle of Gallipoli.

One day Australia will have to stand on its own two feet - the sooner the better.

Every Australian and most importantly, every Australian politician should read this article.

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