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14 April 2017


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I like the concluding remark.

I forgot to mention, I also published Jimmy Awagl's poetry volume 3 under the title Echoes of My Heartbeat.

Both Tears and Echoes of My Heartbeat are pioneering SWA publication. Thanks to Philip Fitzpatrick for imparting the valuable knowledge and skills to independently publish our own work.

I must say now we are confident to take on publishing task ourselves.

I have since got onto Scott's page and posted the below which I duplicate to PNG Attitude.

Scott - I thank you for making mention of me and my book, Man of Calibre. If you want to download my publications, you can do so on Amazon Kindle e-books. I make it my theme to capture stories and write about events as they happened to me as I was growing up in my rural village in the 1960's and 70's.

Let me explain that I am not using Pukpuk Publications to publish my books, rather I am doing it myself direct with CreateSpace. Ed Brumby from Melbourne is giving me and Marlene Dee Potoura from Lae, editorial assistance through email and the occasional telephone conversation.

I have four other titles apart from Man of Calibre (a novellla) which are lost to the fanfare of Pukpuk Publications. These titles don't get mentioned any more in other chatters.

The published works are (1) Haffies are made they are not born - a short story; (2) Curse of the Lamisi - another short story; (3) Sweet Garaiina Apo - my second novella; and (4) Antice of Alonaa, Volume 1 - an anthology of six short stories.

After I was given the opportunity to publish a short story Zymur by Oxford University Press in 1993, they rejected the manuscripts for Man of Calibre and Operesin Kisim Bek Lombo (OKBL), the latter my take on the Sandline saga in PNG.

I have since reworked OKBL to a novella of 60,000 words that I want to again publish this year along with my other manuscript, A Farmer Buys a Wife (AFBaW). I hope and will appreciate if you will get to read them.

You can also follow me on our Crocodile Prize and Crocodile Prize Inc Facebook pages. (These are two distinct Facebook accounts.)

I do post on these two accounts and will duplicate this to PNG Attitude. Thank you once again.

Thanks Robin.

Well done, Francis.

Thanks to digital self publication; I just got my second novel title Tears (Aiwara) published on Amazon.

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