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14 April 2017


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A real surprise...

His visit was at a time when the country and its people are doing it really tough.

Now we really don't know why he came in the first place.

No patch matching Keating's Kokoda visit, so if no fare nor clear treat, what patch was this PM treading?

Such SNAFU's are to be expected from a generation much removed from personal experience with PNGeans.
It is in stark contrast to the recipe employed and enjoyed in the PNG Attitude ranks.

Something is wrong at the Australia High Commission in Port Moresby and it needs fixing urgently.

Turnbull came at the wrong time in the first place and they should have told him not to come. He has been very rude to PNG journalists and this should never have happened.

He does not appear to have enough understanding of all the complicated relationships between Australia and Indonesia and Papua New Guinea.

Many people in PNG have strong feelings for the indigenous people of West Papua and Papua, the two provinces of the island of New Guinea which are controlled by Indonesia at the moment.

Although at the present time journalists are allowed into the area, we know that there are people in the Indonesia police who are cruel to the indigenous people.

PNG has just granted citizenship to hundreds of refugees from this region. Here is a topic Turnbull should have talked about with the PNG leadership.

Australia has to get on with Indonesia. But there are many people in PNG who are still upset with the situation in West Papua and Papua, despite some progress being made.

We are talking about the way the Asian Indonesians are treating the Melanesian Indonesians.

Turnbull's recent visit was futile.

He comes across as a man who is only interested in money and jobs, so he can stay in power. Is that what democracy is all about?

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