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26 April 2017


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Thank you Peter for your article and highlighting the error in Lynn's thinking.

Disruptive visitation vs indigenous ownership.

Ruins of intrusive exploration and exploitation are assets for commercial and sociological advantage of the citizens of that land and new nation so vandalized by the range and magnitude of events and instruments visiting. Small compensation for those indigenous to the place(s), too late for those directly impacted.

From the ‘goings-on’ down a ‘road’ from Gona, till cessation of conflict foreign to that long-lived land, remembrance is celebrated by facts and acts of retelling, according to tellers and audiences.

Gold of mines in 19th century and boldness of wars in 20th, now in 21st yield awe for minds near and afar.

Can visitors stand in shoes of earlier indigenous folk, where shoes were not yet known?

Thank you for the enlightenment, Peter. I, like many, had never given any thought to the wives, mothers and children of the Angels, and their suffering. Your tale and the tales of the villagers deserve much wider currency ...

Finally. A considered & thoughtful response. Thank you Keith.

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