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25 April 2017


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As the old saying goes - "why let the truth get in the way of a good story".

This story is not only full of untruths, it is not a good story.

1. The pillar with the word 'Mateship' is not at Owers Corner but at the Isurava memorial site,

2. There has never been a memorial, or sign, that had the word 'Mateship' on it at Owers Corner.

This whole beat up story emanates from a former NSW politician, Charlie Lynn, who has a vested interest in having his name and picture appearing throughout all forms of media outlets.

Naturally, surviving veterans of the Kokoda Campaign, Australian and Papua New Guinean and villagers along the Trail, are terribly upset on hearing this message and it is unforgivable that such lies and innuendo are used for personal egotistical gain. Kokodabro.

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