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14 April 2017


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I know Fr. Jerry Theis and such Easter greeting is emotional and make me feel like crying because I am a product of SVD Missionaries. Many have died, other have left and few are still in their old age. Thanks Daniel for keeping the catholic faith alive.

Thanks Craige and Arthur for your comments. This was the first ever time I had spoken or corresponded with Fr Theis since he taught me for a year or so all that time ago.

At some stage we had to transfer to Kandep Primary T School after our Grade 2 teacher, an Australian named Mr Carmichael, left.

Two of his friends, Jim Fenton and Fr Gary Roche of Divine Word University, separately provided me with his email address and I was able to write to him and thank him.

I still need Fr Theis's prayers so peace can return to Kandep as they - Fr Thies, Jim Fenton and other kiaps -
had left it. Those were peaceful happy times.

Right now, there is tribal fighting at Lagalap village near CM Mariant and my heart aches. There doesn't seem to be anybody interested to control the fight. No police, nobody.

I see more death and destruction ahead during this year's election period.

Daniel - A good Easter message of hope.

I have just re-read two articles started by Bill Brown on the ex-kiap website re Jim Fenton.

First: 2012 Sept 11 – ‘May River Patrol Post and The Mianmin - Two Vignettes’ Lots of posts resulted from original

Second is more recent: 2015 May 30 and tells of Jim’s trip to Bhutan at 81.

Both well worth a read for you.

Thanks Daniel for sharing a great message.

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