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24 March 2017


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Today's Post-Courier front page reveals that there will be a probe as arson is suspected.

Among the looters of the shops were police officer in full uniform who loaded their loot onto police vehicles!!

Only in PNG?

A short video uploaded on Whatsapp showed looters scurrying for cover as gunshots were heard to disperse people from looting nearby shops and stores.

The video also showed many people running away with looted goods from one of the stores owned by the CHM group.

The gunshots almost caused a stampede and could have been fatal for some. The crowd was obviously growing and this was seen from the building.

The Fire Department in Port Moresby is virtually crippled and lacks the very basic resources and equipment to fight fires. The whole city of Port Moresby is vulnerable.

Fire hydrants installed many years ago in most parts of the city have been vandalised. And the new areas with buildings and infrastructure do not have hydrants at all!

Its a massive disaster waiting to happen. Like most things in this country, we wait until it is usually too late.

Sori tumas! And we never learn from most things.

What caused this?

I guess we'll just have to await the police investigation - KJ

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