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01 March 2017


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Thank you Geoff for the link. I am glad to learn that Br Peter Gilfeder is still around. He was my class teacher at Kondiu in 1981. He was truely a great man and I still remember and pass on tothe young ones the lessons he taught us on how to tackle questions inexam papers. Thanks again, Geoff for the link.

John Kennedy of AFL fame came to visit his brother (Bro Iggy) in Hagen many years ago. I cannot remember the year, maybe 2004.

We took him for a drive up to the WHP-Enga border. One avid AFL fan in Hagen was later annoyed that John Kennedy had been to Hagen and he had not had the chance to meet him.

You will find mention of Br Peter Gilfeda if you do an internet search Arnold.Here is a link to one of the articles ...

There was an Australian De La Salle brother who was my class teacher in 1981 and later went on to become (I thonk Principal) of Holy Trinity Teachers College. His name was Br Peter Gilfeda. It would be good to know if he is still around.

I knew Bro Iggy for a short time when I was appointed chaplain to Holy Trinity Teachers College in 2007. Not only did the students and staff look up to Bro Iggy as a mentor on campus but also the surrounding local community had high respect for him as someone who had lived among them for years and became part of the community. RIP

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