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14 February 2017


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Great introduction and summary of Keith Jackson and his family, Francis. Some of us who do not know this story personally can now relate to Keith for his work in Simbu and the ongoing association with us.

We genuinely appreciate his enormous contribution to Simbu, the Highlands and PNG in general, not to mention his ongoing activities with PNG and Simbu.

Hopefully the Simbu Provincial Administration can utilise this visit to organise a formal welcome of the Jackson family to Simbu as a token of appreciation. To the Jackson family, all the best and safe travels :).

Thanks Tine, your good wishes are appreciated - KJ

Welcome KJ and your family.

I am sure it will be a very special feeling for you, and the welcome in the Simbu way will be memorable too.


Thanks John. I am reminded of an old English saying, "Home is where the heart is" - KJ

Good one Francis!

I think as you said, SPG should step up and not let this opportunity slip through the fingers.

Great history too!

Keith, mipela olegta I lukluk forward lo bungim yu na famili. Welkam tru.

Tenku tru, Arnold. Mipela hamams tru long kam lukim yu na sindaun wantaim yupela - KJ

PNG has been blessed with many selfless expatriate individuals and families who contributed tirelessly to nation building. They hold PNG and places they lived in and worked close to their hearts.

Keith and his wonderful family hold PNG and Simbu close to their hearts. We are very thankful for you wonderful people. If I own Heaven, I'll give you the keys but that is not the case.

I can only pray for God's protection and good health over you wonderful people.

Thanks Bomai. Heaven can wait; I'm off to Simbu - KJ

Welcome home, angra Keith and family. We are really excited to hug one another in the Simbu way. Looking forward to your coming.

Mipela hamamas tumas long gobek - na hug i winim Simbu hensek, eh barata - KJ

KJ em ples bilong yu yah na bai mi tok wanem.

Tasol Cr Ingrid wantain Ben,Becky na Leilani mi laik tok welkam long yupela kam long Hailens. Ol Simbu bai lukautim yupela gut tru olsem famili.

Enjoy the cool mountain air.

Hamamas sapos yu na Julie ken wokabaut ikam long Kundiawa. Mipela olgeta laik lukim yu na toktok wantaim yu - KJ

The roads and bridges that Keith and other kiaps built are in ruins. Don't be discouraged by what you see during your visit.

What you, Keith and others should be proud of is the hearts you touched and the legacy that lives on. Yupela planin seed na em bai grow yet.

It's the people I want to see and talk with, Joe. That's where my commitment lies and I am never discouraged. By the way, Martyn & others make a mistake occasionally - I was never a kiap. In my PNG career I was a teacher (1963-66) and then a journalist and broadcast manager (1966-76) - KJ

Kundiawa revisited... Good luck Keith and Ingrid. Kundi' and Noosa, two pieces of paradise but what a contrast.

When Francis Nii spoke eloquently in front of a packed auditorium at the Queensland State Library last year, I was reminded of the words of the great Simbu Leader Kondom Agaundo, who once said to an audience in Canberra:

“....In my village I am a chief among my people but today I stand in front of you like a child and when I try to speak in your language you laugh at my words.

"But tomorrow my son will come to you and he will talk to you in your language, and this time you will not laugh at him....”

To me, Francis and and his contemporaries give life to the prophetic words of Agaundo and are proud products of to the sacrifice of kiaps who brought their western ideals in the hope that the people of Simbu may join their civilization.

I hope the visit by the Jacksons provides an opportunity for the people of Simbu and the Jackson family to celebrate their shared history and to dream big about the future just as Agaundo once did.

Em nau!

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