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06 February 2017


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I want to thank the Committee and the Sponsors for making the 2016 competition a success.

Congratulations to all our winners.

The winners are:

•Wardley D Barry-Igivisa – Kina Finance, Poetry

•Alison Kult – Kumul Petroleum Limited Holdings, Short Stories

•Theresa Gizoria – Cleland Family, Heritage Writing

•Mary Catherine Tavore – Paga Hill Foundation, Writing for Children

•John Kamasua – PNG Chamber of Mines and Petroleum, Essays and Journalism

•Roslyn Tony – Minerals Resources Development Corporations, Women in Writing

•Peter Jokisie – Abt and Associates, Emerging Young Writer

Keep on writing, be yourself and do what you do best.

I would like to introduce to all Gretel Matawan. Gretel has been truly the source of comfort and strength for me to continue this work. Gretel did all the little and mundane bits and pieces like: gluing cards, getting out letters and emails, answering email and fb enquiries and is really the glue in organising the Prize Giving ceremony. Joycelin Leahy was behind the scenes in making sure entries were filed, numbered and sent of in folders to the judges. Enormous thank you to Joycelin Leahy who pretty much brought this competition to another level by engaging with Judges who have had stints in judging at the Commonwealth and European literature competition levels. Joycelin Built that part of the administrative aspect of our competition. Martyn Namorong, Ruth Moim and Baka Bina for checking up and responding to emails,for asking the critical questions as committee member should and guiding. Without all these people, I would not have been running around. Offcourse, our friends and supporters were right there. Thank you Philip and Keith for the rescue yet again, as parents would do, I suppose. Thank you all.

Celebration it is for 54 entries alive and running freely in the global landscape.
Celebration it is for those many more entertaining the idea, though yet to summons sufficient courage.
Cerebration; let the game find fun in the run.

Working alone on a national event such as this contest is a momath task and a big challenge, especially when there is nothing for you for all the effort put into it. Credit goes to Emmanuel Peni. I take my hat off for you. You are the true winner.

Thank you for the update...Looking forward to the announcement..
God bless

Winning a competition is not as important as taking part in an event.

Writers & contributors should be proud of the one who has won the prize. The winner has won for us. Let's all cheer for we have all done our part.

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