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20 January 2017


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The only way to show our culture is through arts & crafts as well as in documents. Gifts of sand paintings plus highlands hat portrayed a lot of our cultural image in a foreign land. This highlights the importance of our culture.

Your gifts to them told a lot of stories about Enga & its people.

We hope & expect to share such cultural exchanges in the near future.

Good suggestions, Arnold and Daniel. Let's hear more from other writers especially our young male writers.

Arnold bro, Mi laikim dispela idea long raitim wanpela anthology bilong yumi ol man tu.

Na mi suggestim wanpela title tu: Born of a Woman.

Bro, Daniel...em bai wanpla gutpla anthology sapos theme blo anthology is blo helpim na givim tingting lo narapla man lo kamapim gutpla sindaun insait lo famili. Wanpla gutpla theme em mi ting ol man iken kontributim ol articles lo en em....'How I changed for the better'. Yu ting wenam?

Sori, Arnold. Mi go long Kandep yah, ples bilong mi wea ol dispela bilum na cap mi kisim igo long Australia kam long en. Bai yumi bung wanpela taim na stori gut.

Yu ting wanem long dispela 'proposal' long raitim wanpela anthology bilong ol man tasol?

Angra Daniel...was in Wabag yesterday and was hoping to catch sight of you but planti man na mi no nap lukim you. Mi go lo Ambum na kam bek lo nait.

Ol man ya ino bikhet(humbug)man - ol gutpela lain igat gutpela het na bikpela tingting long helpim yumi. Yumi tupela go soim kalsa na pasin bilong mipela na em nambawan samting.

This cultural and literary exchange must continue and I agree, younger Aussies might consider to step into the shoes of their elders.

Ol dispela biget man blong Noosa ya, ol mekim yumi laugh gut tru ya. Yu ting wanem, Daniel?

Francis you make me want to go back again. Such good kind Aussies they are. Sorry, you didn't bring anything back. But I did, a boomerang and an Aboriginal painting I bought in Cairns and all the books I exchanged with Australian authors.

I have really enjoyed Annah Faulkner's 'The Beloved' which I recommend to any PNG Attitude reader. It is set in colonial Port Moresby, Canada and Australia. Wish a film could be made of it.

And Francis, how was I to know the sizes of Hon Glen Elme's and Keith's heads? Ah ah....

Of all the caps I gave to friends in Port Moresby, Noosa, Brisbane and all the way down to Sydney, the only cap I saw fitting perfectly well was that on the head of Major Tony Wellington.

Mipela ol biget man ia - KJ

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