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24 January 2017


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Whilst I am never one to knock "investment", I must admit there is something that doesn't quite add up in this effort - from the expat who seems to be running the show and Dame Carol Kidu's backflip on the whole thing to the number of ministers and ex-ministers who seem to be involved.

Perhaps if all those ministers and ex-ministers were forced to tithe say, 10% of their dividends from the project to a trust for the development of Port Moresby's lesser developed areas there would be some merit in the project otherwise it does look like more bickies for the already haves, at the expense of the have nots.

“If you want to invest, come to PNG and invest and see your investment become fruitful in the years to come,” Maru said....

How does ease the burden of disenfranchised workers, settlement dwellers, and provincial residents saddled with social dysfunction, broken schools and medical services, and collapsing road networks etc?

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