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29 January 2017


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Have started reading the book.
It has a great variety of stories, essays and poems. Some I have read before on PNG Attitude, and some are by PNG's great women writers of today. But there are many new writers.

The topics are so varied and personal. Many of the stories and poems are very moving. One I read yesterday was by a lady who is not highly educated and not gifted at written English, but her story was very sincere and very moving, and it has been included. Broken English can bring tears as quickly as perfect English. I realize that it is the message that counts.

This says a lot about the Editor. She must be a caring sensitive person.

Today I hope to post a copy to Prof Shirley Randell who is very involved with the world movements to improve the lot of women throughout the world.

But we are having a heat wave here in Sydney with temperatures in the 40s every week ... we are hotter than Darwin, hotter than Alice saps the energy!

Waiting anxiously for my copy to arrive . Superb work!

Thank you for purchasing, Lucy. It's wonderful to hear you've sent some copies to PNG as well.

We're hoping retailers in PNG will purchase and stock the books for customers. There's been quite a a number of enquiries (especially across social media) about purchasing options.

In-shop would be of big help to Papua new Guineans without debit/credit cards, private and secure internet access or prefer to use cash.

If you know the direct email for appropriate contact at a suitable retailer, pleas let me know via Thank you.

I just ordered five copies - three to PNG and two to me in Australia. Thank you for contributing ladies along with Rashmii and Pukpuk Publications.

Thanks for your purchase, Lucy. The book is well worth it. I hope other readers will do the same. Readers can order the books from Amazon at this website

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