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28 December 2016


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Peter Fitzsimons specialises in 'arcane trash' Bernard - sells a lot of books.

Dear Keith,

It was by chance I was re-reading Orwell's Politics and the English Language and his thoughts on logorrhoea
His six rules of writing are even more pertinent today.

I picked up a book by Peter Fitzsimons in s bookstore and the first page was arcane trash.

Does such arrant drivel belong on PNG Attitude, Keith?

PNG Attitude: 11 Years of Publishing Soaring Excellence & Arrant Drivel - KJ

This reads like one of those travel guides from a Best Western hotel room.

Our readers are very astute when it comes to spotting flaky writing. I well recall the savaging handed out to then Australian minister Richard Marles when he responded to readers' comments (which he'd requested) with bureaucratise. Took bat and ball and retreated home never to be ehard from again - KJ

This is a tourism pitch. Emigrating to PNG is unnecessarily complicated than is being presented.

Looking at the reference to a particular shipping company and the last sentence suggesting you bring your own vehicle, appears to me as a cloaked advertisement.

It does beg the question as to what PNG people need to prepare for when they emigrate to the USA.

Maybe some of those currently residing on Manus would like to know although that potential offer now appears likely to have been 'Trumped'.

What curious and useless advice.

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