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23 December 2016


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Francis Nii

Bob, there is no systematic road maintenance machination. The MPS are engaging their political supporters to carry out maintence on adhoc basis and the results are neglible and substandard. Until there is an improve in the road maintence program, what you saw up will remain for a long time.

Philip Fitzpatrick

Perhaps a 'leaf' out of the Simbu book Paul.

Jimmy is an unstoppable ball of energy.

A few more of his ilk and they could give the government a good shake up.

Simbus Rule!

Francis Nii

Merry Christmas Robin, Paul and Arnold. Too many things and it slipped my mind but Arnold Mundua is one of those who have benevolently assisted SCF and SWA with his vehicle when the need arose. Thank you, Arnold, you kind support has paid off. Waikai kaima!

Bob Cleland

That's fantastic news Francis. I can understand Jimmy's tears. I was quite emotional myself reading it.

It brought back memories of an enjoyable day with Jimmy driving up the foothills of Mt Wilhelm to the SCF establishment last year.

Be nice if the government would finance some road repairs wouldn't it

Arnold Mundua

Those of us who know Jimmy know the hardships he and SCF went through over the years when it comes to vehicle matters. Thank you Digicel Foundation! Thank you angra Kennedy Wemin.

Paul Oates

I'm reminded of an old saying: 'A mighty oak from a just little acorn grows'.

This is a wonderful reflection on what can be achieved when people get together and work towards achieving something worthwhile. Thank you Francis for your report.

If only others would take a leak out of your book, PNG as a nation would and should move forward.

`Robin Lillicrapp

Great summary, Francis.

Congratulations to all SCF members and supporters.

Merry Christmas to all.

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