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14 November 2016


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Thanks Michael for the review of Julie's work. It's a milestone achievement for her and PNG women generally.

My heart reached out for our FIFA under 20s national soccer team last night who were toyed around on the field by super fit Brazilian girls of the same age group. The Brazilian secret is anybody's guess.

And so with writing. Both PNG men and women must write more, publish more, comment more and participate more to perfect our literacy levels to world standards. We can't sit around, chew buai and expect miracles to happen. We must all strive to be the best.

Jordan Dean is one silent achiever and now Julie Mota. There must be more. Show your faces and emerge.

I say again here that JK Rowling was a single mother who wrote Harry Potter in a coffee shop with one hand while attending to her baby with the other.

Thanks Michael for the review of Julie’s work. She is a regular (and respected) contributor to PNG Poetry Facebook. Her poetry is appreciated by other members of the group.

The membership in the group has grown over time and is now approaching 5,000. A majority are young budding writers.

We do not do much screening for the quality of poems that are posted there, but allow for the sharing of original pieces (both tokpisin and tok english) straight from the scrap book to Facebook.

Reviews therefore such as the one you have done for Julie’s work, the review by Phil & Keith of Ward Lee’s work, and the one that Ed Brumby (I understand) is doing for Jordon Dean’s work are extremely useful for our members to gauge where our regular contributors are at, in terms of the quality of their poetry and their profile as writers.
Thanks again.

Thanks Michael for the review. It's time women rise up and speak up.

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