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20 November 2016


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Dear Phil,
This is such a common problem and aligns with the PJ O'Rourke comment, "Everybody wants to save the world but nobody wants to help mom do the dishes"

Whilst the Meri Seif bus has honourable intentions it fails to address the problem at the source.
It happens repeatedly with many other social issues including smoking, obesity, road safety, domestic violence and drug and alcohol abuse.

Nostrums are implemented, often at enormous expense without any evidence and when the initiative flounders, there is too much sunken cost and bruised egos to abandon the project and it ploughs on aimlessly.

Another recent example is the recurrence of black lung disease in the Queensland resources sector.

So, now PNG men can get on their own bus, by their own selevahs and hold on to each others ballses instead.

Bloody Sodomites!

They don't even have the decency to look after their women folk and enjoy the flowers in the garden, nor do you now have the dignity of being gay.

Especially some of my fellow city-raised highlanders, acting in a manner that would find them hacked to pieces back home for insulting another man's wife or child.

Yupla nogat sem tru ia!

Eh, ol PNG man, nau yupla olgeta bai stap olsem, just a bunch of wankers and losers sharing a bus, while your womenfolk ride in comfort elsewhere.

Mi lap ia!

As good as this initiative sounds it is another case of treating the symptoms and not the disease.

Female apartheid is not a good idea. Women should be safe to travel on any bus, anywhere and at any time. The only thing preventing this are the attitudes of men. This is the disease that needs to be treated.

Incidentally, did Powes Parkop personally pay for this bus. If he didn't he has no right putting his name on it. At best it should be attributed to the NCD government and even that is a bit gauche.

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