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09 October 2016


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Any updates? :)

Did the Crocodile Prize award presentation happen on 8 December at the Australian High Commission without the announcement of winners?

When will there be a declaration of Crocodile Prize winners for 2016?

When will the 2016 Croc Prize winners be declared as the proposed date has now been passed.

And this winners list for 2016?

The awards ceremony will be held at the Australian High Commission on December 8 between 5 - 7 pm Alexander.

Check to Croc Prize website for details.

Any latest updates?

Some of us are new to this programme as contributors & writers in PNG.Please inform us of any events that we ought to know & act. This will motivate us to write more & enter the competition or just write for publicity that will make us proud.

Manu, I think your announcement of the different sponsored categories came out very late in fact after the closure of the entry date.

I wonder if you have received enough entries for each category. For the benefit of the writers and readers, can you tell us the number of entries received for each category? Is that too hard to ask?

An obvious exclusion of this year’s Crocodile Prize is the ‘Book of the Year’ award which to me was the main presentation in view of time and effort it takes to produce a book.

May I ask Emmanuel Peni and his good team to approach Createspace to sponsor this category next year and perhaps give them the honour of independently selecting the ‘Book of the Year’?

We must try and forge a relationship with them because it seems to me that Papua New Guinean authored books will continue to be self-published with Amazon’s Createspace for some time.

Ruth Moiam,Martyn Namorong,Baka Nina, Gretel Matawan, Marlene Potoura , Joycelin Leahy have really rallied together. All our other champions thank you too. Organising the prize is only a tiny aspect of the work.

Getting people to read and write will be our biggest challenge.

Thank you every one for the belief. To all the sponsors,thank you on behalf of the people of Papua New Guinea.

That is great news...thanks to all the sponsors.

Well done, Manu, Martyn and the team. I agree with Ed; it would better if you can tell us the total entries in each category.

Well done Emmanuel! This is great news and a fantastic effort by COG and the sponsors. All the best.

This is great news, Manu. It would be good, too, to know how many entries have been received thus far.

Thanks to all the companies and the Cleland family for supporting literary development in PNG.

I extend a special 'thank you' to Paga Hill Development Company for its continuous support and in establishing the annual McKinnon-Paga Hill Development Company Fellowship scheme in which Francis Nii, Martyn Namorong and myself were the first to benefit.

Paga Hill Development Company executives indicated they will include a bookshop and cultural centre in their seafront development in downtown Port Moresby, for which I am grateful. PNG-authored books will be on display there.

It seems there was no sponsor for the Book of the Year Award, an obvious exclusion in this year's presentations. Maybe we will find a sponsor next year.

Finally, well done Emmanuel Peni, Baka Bina and your team for organising this year's event.

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