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11 October 2016


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Interesting and concerning comments by Dame Carol Kidu.

I'm not sure that putting onus back on political parties will fall on willing ears. If the male parliamentarians couldn't;t vote for reserved seats for women on the floor, then what are the chances they'll do so behind closed doors in their private party meetings?

An education and paradigm shift in gender stereotypes, norms and roles needs to be a priority here. For males and females of PNG.

Also, what happened to the Temporary Special Measures?

To me, the idea of having reserved seats in what is supposed to be a democracy is actually a contradiction in terms and Dame Carol's idealistic attempt to do so fell into this category, it appears that she may have realised that now. There should be but one stipulation for eligibility to stand for election as an MP and that is being a registered voter with no criminal convictions, and all that that entails. Once you start talking about reserved seats or quotas, you are part of a thin edge of the wedge which could end up anywhere, despite the best intentions of people in the here and now.

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