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06 October 2016


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Thank you everyone for your congratulatory remarks and words of encouragement. Through the gracious hearts of the givers, SCF survived thus far, I am just a driver. Though the vetting was so rigorous we have passed all and voted to be the World of Children 2016 Health honoree. We are humbled to be awarded this prestigious award hence will continue to reach our to more children silently waiting to be reached.

Wakai we

Congratulations Jimmy, Merlyn and SCF!

Jimmy and the humble organisation that he helped formed exemplifies the type of socially-conscious community project that the rest of the educated sons and daughters of Papua New Guinea must spare a thought to.

Well done and congratulations team SCF.

Jimmy you are a real man of vision. Salute you big time. You deserve every recogition.
Gembogl Nem-Japan

Angra, Yaglwakai we.

Congratulation JD, for you and SCF and Simbu and PNG. You are a shining light for all of us.
Go get it and smile for all of us.

Congratulations Jimmy and Merlyn🎈🎈

Congratulations Jimmy for a well deserved award. It's good to see your work recognised.

Good one and congratulations. Jimmy and those behind SCF are inspiring many people in Simbu and around the country that it can be done.

Congratulations Jimmy. Your old school, Downlands Sacred Heart College at Toowoomba, will be so proud of your outstanding achievements.

Akra, go receive it and bring it home for us. Wakai wo.

Outstanding, far and away, leading. Congratulations Jimmy and Merlyn.

Jimmy you deserve it bro. Go and enjoy the limelight in New York.

I saw how active and resourceful you were when I came for the 2015 Crocodile Prize presentations in Kundiawa last year.

Your members of parliament like Kerenga Kua and Wera Mori were also interested and supportive of literary development in Simbu and the welfare of its children.

Some of us are from places where politics is the daily food fed to the people.

Congratulations, Jimmy. This is a fitting tribute to your labours.

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