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14 October 2016


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Francis Nii

A brilliant portrayal of family life in the contemporary PNG. It takes two to produce a child and it takes two to raise the child to become a better citizen. The absence or negligence of one of them will still affect the child in his or her up bringing and will mushroom if not properly counselled and supported. A child's future starts at home and starts with both parents as a family unit.

Daniel Kumbon

This story touches me to the bone. Causes me to doubt the future of all our children. Shames me to the point of forming sweat on my forehead. Worries me to the point of panic.

What kind of society are all our children and grandchildren growing into? Who are they associating with when they are out of our sights? Will our children be reliable, productive, God-fearing, law-abiding citizens in adult life?

Some answers to such questions can be found in the family unit. But how can a woman talk with an abusive husband who just wants to produce children with her?

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