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01 October 2016


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Daniel Kumbon

Congratulations Wardley Barry-Igivisa for launching your new book of poetry ‘ABCDreams’ at the Adventist University today. I saw it on EMTV news just now but I was a bit concerned no official from the Education Department was present.

I would also have loved to see a couple of our Port Moresby-based writers in attendance at the launching at a major tertiary institution in the country. The hall was full of students and our educational institutions is where budding new writers must have to be encouraged.

PNG writers need each other’s support and encouragement.

Carole Cholai

Congratulations Wardley! This is a milestone achievement for PNG! Reading and Books is something that we need to continue encouraging our children to take up as a habit..and more so writing!
I have placed an order and am looking forward to receiving my copy of ABCDreams very sooon!!

Wardley Barry

Thanks all.

Francis Nii

Congratulations Wardley for publishing your first book of poetry. Happy launching.

Philip G Kaupa

Congratulations Ward...Loved your poems, happy launching!

Michael Dom

One of my favourite poems from Wardley's book is A Bardanelle on Art.

One of my favourite verses is this one from My Tumbuna Talked:

Let me not talk about tomorrow
Let me not think about tomorrow
Let me not write about tomorrow
For sufficient for today is the evil of yesterday.

And my favourite lines are from Windtalk:

I am to talebearers as the kiss of a beautiful woman;
Too powerful to resist,
Too passionate to forget.

Advice: If you can, buy the book. It's good.

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