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02 September 2016


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Who writes the salary cheques for the Bureaucrats etc, mandates what outcomes prevail over the masses.

Are we witnessing the death of freedom of speech? It is indeed very sad that such a premier learning institution has resorted to terminating the student leaders.

It is unjust, cruel and very shameful when you take into consideration that these young leaders took action and demanded answers on behalf of all Papua New Guineans.

They exercised their basic human right endowed to them by the constitution as citizens of this land only to be rebuffed by politics and bullying tactics by the government.

Where is the promised inquiry into the incident where unarmed students were fired upon? When will the police officer or officers responsible be brought to justice?

It is unfair that the law breakers in this whole issue are still walking around freely while these young leaders are penalised for exercising their rights.

Is it really in the interests of peace or is it just politics at play here again, I wonder?

The petty mindedness demonstrated by supposed intellectuals in administrative positions again demonstrates the truly poor caliber of leadership in PNG.

Their actions are damning evidence that they know their time is up and they are trying to prevent the rise of much better leaders with a real conscience for their people.

The old guard will pass away and their names will be remembered only for trying to destroy the youth leaders.

Shame will be heaped on their memory forever.

Sori tumas wantok, laif em wanpela tasol.

I think the UPNG administration should rescind its decision and allow the student leaders to register for semester two. The student leaders do not deserve to be banished from the university for life.

Amazing, indeed. Has the ring of whipping and worse, as if in continuum with models of Higaturu and Monckton.

The SRC members and the 60 other student leaders must not be made scapegoats for what the whole student body saw as a national issue.

I would urge the UPNG Council to reconsider its stance and get the students to register first. Then hold the reconcillation peace ceremony next week.

It was the student leaders who were in the forefront, they talked, they were the ones who received bullets and suffered and now they are banned.

A young country like PNG must not treat its young students in such a manner. The UPNG council must think of PNG's future stability.

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