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(Sestina): We were never a match!

Never a matchVAGI SAMUEL JNR

We were never a match (a)
She was a crusader from birth (b)
I was a realist during high school years (c)
We had different ideas and opinions (d)
From the time we started to date (e)
We both pursued dreams not the same (f)

I was white and she was just the same (f)
Black, her skin tone we could not match (a)
But December twenty-fifth was the date (e)
That our friendship gave birth (b)
I did not hate but her opinions (d)
For I cared so much for the coming years (c)

Beautiful was the last three years (c)
Maybe for love we became the same (f)
We debated and agreed on our opinions (d)
We held hands in public like we were a match (a)
We cried as rugged as babies at birth (b)
For we called every secluded meeting a date (e)

But then I forgot our anniversary date (e)
And rage consumed her all through the years (c)
From the night’s death to the dawns birth (b)
We never kissed for the sun did not shine the same (f)
We were lovers in disguise at the strike of a match (a)
Renting on the flames stolen by her darkened opinions (d)

We talked – nothing changed but still her opinions (d)
Grew stale like the moon on a thunderous date (e)
What could have I done to make us a match? (a)
For destiny’s sake, would there still be us years? (c)
Rain came on different days; the storm was still the same (f)
Definite was the thought, could our end be at birth? (b)

Then, I gnawed my teeth and remembered my date of birth (b)
That I have been twirled into oblivion by fruitless opinions (d)
For this love story was history, records not the same (f)
For every yesterday was a stagnant date (e)
Like time drinking away my blood, depreciating the years (c)
At the cost of love; could we still be a match? (a)

For if we ain’t a match, will the evil inside you give birth (ab)
To blessed years without the production of constipated opinions? (cd)
If so, how does a romantic date sound at the expense of us being the same? (ef)


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Michael Dom

Well done on putting this complex form together, Vagi.

There's some interesting language in this piece.

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