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25 September 2016


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Can some one send me CEO's email address

Those who are seen as hope of healing will be encumbered by multitudes of need.
Another hope for Simbu folk; medical pilgrimage can be an avenue of bisnis trade.

Be thankful for what you have, for that great man Sir Joseph Nombri's last days were spent in his house in Port Moresby ,

The medicine a grateful Somare government provided to him for his terminal iIlness was Panadol & Coca-Cola.

Kundiawa Hospital is still the best & second to none in PNG but now I can see that the standards and morale are slowly dropping .

Outsiders are flooding the hospital and we Simbus are turned back or become second to be served. The outsiders got their hospital funded by PNG government just like Simbu, why not use their facilities rather than coming to Simbu and take up the space and treatment that Simbus are supposed to get.

Can management look into this and maybe ask their provincial government to send some money to Kundiawa Hospital and pay for the services their people get which are for Simbu people.

Hospital wards are filled by outsiders and we are told the wards are full so stay at home.

Is Kundiawa Hospital for Simbu people or outsiders?

Congratulations to staff and management of Kundiawa General Hospital.

Sir Joseph Nombri Memorial Kundiawa General Hospital is the Hotel for the sick...Lone live SJNH!

Sir Joseph Nombri General Hospital is still the best in PNG.

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