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25 August 2016


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Drop me an email Roseanne and I can give you the names of a couple of deserving authors. You can then correspond with them and come to an arrangement. I'm at Check out the Pukpuk Publications website to see the range of books.

Hi Keith - Would you please pass this on to Phil?

We, that is my children and I, have had the privilege of having readings from the Crocodile Prize Anthologies (2014/ 2015) during our yearly Papua New Guinea Independence Dinners.

In 2014 we donated some of these profits to Crocodile Prize.

We had hoped to have our own project of supporting literacy in Milne Bay operating this year but are running behind.

In the meantime, we would love to support this proposal. I know Philip said no strings attached'' but we would like to ask the authors to sign one of the copies of the books we send which we would place in one of our libraries in the not too distant future.

Looking forward to hearing back.

Thank you Daniel, that settles my thought.

Even if our books don't sell now, at least we must be satified they are published and available on for anybody to excess. We have to applaud PNG Attitude blog and Pukpuk Publications.

But the information we provide now will be priceless to our future generations.

No, we PNG writers must not hope to be like JK Rowling or Wilbure Smith. They are from advanced countries where the literacy rate is high, where people read daily as a habit.

We are from a country which is rural based where the literacy rate is very low. A reading and writing culture even at our schools is yet to be encouraged and nurtured. Money must not be our focus in such a situation.

We must be patient and keep on writing as a hobby hoping that one of our future generation novelist or science fiction writer will make it to the national, regional or international bestseller lists.

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