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Poetry to mark both sides of a relationship

Samuel Jr_VagiSometimes I think of you and me


This poem is about a girl I knew some years back at the University of Technology. Loretta found the poem on Facebook and sent a reply, also in poetic form. Here they are, first my original poem, then Loretta’s response….

Sometimes I think you're crazier than me
You test my emotions with shits untrue
You fail me with deeds I cannot see
I bet you do to make me feel blue

Sometimes I think you are a smart ass
You throw idioms at me that I may wonder
You play sarcastic cues so I can guess
And I think you do coz at least I ain't a loser

Sometimes I think you are funny as hell
You pretend a topic is jestful so I'll smile
You make me laugh oblivious to tell
And I think you mean so I'll think for a while

Sometimes I think of a place called Sogeri
We'd chew buai and gaze upon the weather
We'd stroll down to the drive of Purari
And I think you'd far me syncing Josh Turner

Sometimes I think of the day it rained
You did what most stupid tease don’t miss
You had me basking about my ego to reign
And I think you shut me up so we could kiss

Sometimes I think you'd be a good lawyer
You would read my rights to keep me sober
You would face me modestly as a buffer
And I think you did, so I'll call you Loretta

Sometimes I think I am not good enough
I am a little bit self-righteous on occasions
I am guarded with words that sound tough
You think otherwise with my skilful orations

Sometimes I think I am obnoxious
I paint my face with ecstatic glows on you
I peel of my sorrow so you'd feel anxious
You think I am a joker but I am one of a few

Sometimes I dream of you returning
I wait on the pages of my poetry journal
I ink my thoughts seemingly yearning
You think I am a lad just a schmidt abnormal

Sometimes you think I am these and that
But I think even if you do I don’t regret
For it’s a matter of time we shall meet albeit


Loretta FinameSometimes I wonder too


Sometimes I wonder of a time not distant
A time where reality was as simple as one plus one
When simplicity was a nice afternoon in the company of a mirrored soul
Not pretentious, not agitated but rather well suited

‘Twas always based on intellectual debates
And mostly failed attempts to influence your thinking
Most of the times i think i succeeded
Or maybe you just let me think that

It was a time when meaningless walks meant a glance into your world
A time when a discovery of self did eventuate
Looking back you influenced me on a little more than I let on
I would dote on your type of music without fully realizing how much a part of me it became

On how I’d be singing Josh Turner for hours on end
You thought I was a tease
And stepped up to challenge me regardless
Oh, how I'd offend you at times

But your sunny nature was my ray of hope
You'd have me smiling like an idiot
Sometimes you'd laugh at my jokes
Just out of kindness now that I think of it

"Our buai sesh," as I called it
Was the highlight of my days
Sometimes I think of that night we met
How I felt I knew you forever

Or that one time I persuaded a walk in rain
Where boots were simply ignored
The water was above the knee
And I was practically running

I put you in your place
And you tried your best to shield me from the pouring rain
Still I wonder when I'll get to see that poetry journal
Or if it'll still be in existence when we meet again

Maybe not now, maybe later
Until then you'll always be my biggest challenge


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Vagi Samuel

Thank you Daniel and Steven...

Steven Gimbo

Wow, God bless you both! I actually enjoyed reading this, and to think I teach Literature? You just "wowed" me.

I think the flame is still burning. Keep it burning!

Daniel Kumbon

Vagi, compare this taken from my recent book 'Can't Sleep' available on

It was written by a man - Ben Besawe who is nearing his 70s. My friend Philip Kaupa, that Simbu poet, might know Ben.

She called me Rebe.
I called her by the same.
That was a long time ago
but I can't forget.
She goes on to be in my mind.

I hated her for loving me
she hated me also for loving her.
But we could never get it fixed.

She went her way with Rebe in her heart.
She kept it for as long as she lived.
She kept it for the empty love.

She hated me because we could
never get it fixed.
I tried to recall Rebe
but she was not a person.
She was only a nickname.
She is Rebecca.
She has always been Rebecca
and I will always be Ben.
Sorry Rebe
we could never get it fixed.

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