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04 August 2016


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Thank you Daniel and Steven...

Wow, God bless you both! I actually enjoyed reading this, and to think I teach Literature? You just "wowed" me.

I think the flame is still burning. Keep it burning!

Vagi, compare this taken from my recent book 'Can't Sleep' available on

It was written by a man - Ben Besawe who is nearing his 70s. My friend Philip Kaupa, that Simbu poet, might know Ben.

She called me Rebe.
I called her by the same.
That was a long time ago
but I can't forget.
She goes on to be in my mind.

I hated her for loving me
she hated me also for loving her.
But we could never get it fixed.

She went her way with Rebe in her heart.
She kept it for as long as she lived.
She kept it for the empty love.

She hated me because we could
never get it fixed.
I tried to recall Rebe
but she was not a person.
She was only a nickname.
She is Rebecca.
She has always been Rebecca
and I will always be Ben.
Sorry Rebe
we could never get it fixed.

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