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01 August 2016


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Interesting the minister complains about corruption. Did the foreigners not offer him enough?

Some of us know about the misuse of government funds that happened before the last election and the very large amounts of money that Hon Douglas Tomuriesa used during the election.

So much money that I don't see how he could have earned it by honest work and honest ways.

I support Steven Gimbo's statement. The government should put tougher law on foreigners too. Otherwise, we are being exploited by them because they know that our law will still put them on a safer side even if they had committed something serious.

Gutpela tru,please minister give back permit to the customary landowners.

And probably somehow apply for re-entry using another alias. I agree with the previous comment. Prosecute them and find out if they are part of an existing logging company and how they got a lease (if at all) in the first place.

Why do we only deport foreigners who break the law when they could be investigated and charged under our laws, serve prison terms and after their term, deported? By deporting them, we are letting them go easy, and they will still - one way or the other - ply their trade.

Gutpela tru! Sampela taim, yumi mas harim tok bilong ol meri.

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