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04 August 2016


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I urge the good minister to read the book ‘The Way of Public Opinion, Lincoln and the Power of the Press by Harold Holzer.

“Lincoln believed that ‘with public sentiment nothing can fail; without it, nothing can succeed.’ Harold Holzer makes a significant contribution to our understanding of Lincoln’s leadership by showing us how deftly he managed his relations with the press of his day to move public opinion forward to preserve the Union and abolish slavery.” Doris Kearns Goodwin said in reviewing the book.

PNG Loop, EMTV and the ABC as well as the Post Courier and The National newspaper are the best mediums through which PNG’s press freedom and democracy is exercised by the masses and the Minister should not unfairly criticise them.

He should withdraw his words publicly – using those very mediums.

Social media online news gives some primary information that is accurate.

If you follow up with news about current issues you will be able to see whether information posted is true or not. Given this period where PNG politics is becoming very interesting, most of the time I like to read news on social media/online news than mainstream media.

In my opinion, media that has the possibility of being influenced by someone can be very contrasting than social media/ online news.

Madam Guillotine is infinitely more efficient.

Astute investors understand and know the power of media like no body else does.

Global corporations (the good and the bad ones like those who deny global warming, environment pollution and tax evasion) with visions for global dominance know the potent and malevolent power of media and its reverse very well.

Therefore, it's critical to understand and appreciate the beauty of democracy as well as the twin-edge sword that the media presents.

Exercising responsibility by governments and citizens alike is crucial in a liberalized world of economy and business.

"Who controls the past controls the future; who controls the present controls the past" - George Orwell, '1984'

For politicians and government to argue that foreign investment in PNG is dependent on rosy media reports is a fallacy. Foreign investors don't need falsely and rosy portrayal of PNG in public media to make investment decisions.

Furthermore, most foreign investors believe in the importance of freedom of media and the vital role they play in keeping the public informed of what is happening in the country including unveiling bad and corrupt practices by politicians and government.

Freedom of media is an attribute of a vibrant democracy and O'Neill and his supporter like Miringtoro for goodness sake should stop from constantly crying foul every time there is a report which is not in their favour and accept the reality.

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