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04 July 2016


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Max, thank you.

John - it is an outrage! I wrote about one of the very issues you've mentioned in my article last year 'Do You Know Who I Am? The secret life of PNG women'.

It's quite tiresome (and unoriginal) that some males continue to resort to physical appearance etc as basis for criticisms about female parliamentarians.

Compelling writing and message Rashmii.

It will be interesting, perhaps in the general gist of this article, to highlight that women national leaders have not been spared. Consider the detailed attention paid to the actions of the three women MPs in current Parliament, their behaviors, their personal lives, even their hairsyles have been commented upon!!

Is it because they are the minority in Parliament, or is it because they are women and therefore reflect our male chauvinistic views about women and everything else connected to them?

I find such an outrage in the 21st century.

Ed, thank you.

Phil, I agree with you with there being a need for increased representation of women in government. Perhaps if we (men and women) can, as Ed has said, maintain and amplify the rage we may see the needed progress.

Australian politics is in turmoil at the moment but it looks like Labor will have almost 50% representation of women and men. The Liberals might have less than 20% of women, i.e., a party run by old, rich white men.

I don't think any gains will be made for women in PNG until they are represented in substantial numbers in government. Such an outcome might modify the behaviour of the government too but judging by the women already there I wouldn't count on it.

A stirling piece, Rashmi: your final para just about says it all. Keep on maintaining the rage!

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