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22 July 2016


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So Dr Momis, you too are a victim of these lies. Apart from the 84 MPs who believe him and defend him in Parliament, the rest of the population know he has been avoiding the allegations levelled against him. His hunger for money seems insatiable.

He has defeated the vote of no confidence so the only hope of the people to change government is in next year's general election. That is if he hasn't bought of the rest of PNG.

A few days ago I wrote that Bougainville should get all (53.8%) of the RT shar4es in BCL, not just a majority. because after all, the resource comes from Bougainville land, under these circumstances the PNG Mining Act (everything below ground belongs to the state) has no ethical or moral validity. So now, as it should, the ABG demands all of the shares. I am sure Bougainville will stick to its guns, otherwise as President John Momis has said, there will be no BCL mining at Panguna. He also speaks about legacy issues, because of these, the people who suffered as a result of the mine, need to get an equitable stake in whatever new operation eventuates.

Has there been any commentary on the likelihood of Bougainville succeeding in gaining all the shares, and using that to propel their desire for secession?

If they removed themselves from PNG, would there not be a new strife evolving out of renewal of relationship with the Solomons, sparking new angst and jealousy over the "mining riches?"

If Bougainville's referendum on independence (due in the next three years) endorses the province's desire to go it alone, it seems prudent that the new country would have a sound economic base - KJ

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