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30 June 2016


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Great work. How can I get in touch with Keith Jackson or Phil to review my book? Any email address?

It's been forwarded to you, Jordan - KJ

We are currently developing an affiliate author page on the website Daniel. On this page PNG authors who have published books elsewhere will be able to list their books with a link to where they can be purchased.

The sole reason for the creation of Pukpuk Publications is to promote PNG literature, not to make a profit.

This is a great site Phil. At last books by PNGeans published through Pukpuk publications are presented here together.

I wish it were possible to have all other books on PNG published elsewhere be also marketed here as for those who wish to seek general information on the country.

I recently ordered a book ‘From Ghosts to God in England’ by late Dr Otto Carl Hintze Jnr, through an individual but it hasn’t arrived yet.

There is no distribution network in PNG and nobody appears interested to sell books on PNG or books written by PNGeans except the well-stocked University of Papua New Guinea Bookshop.

My advice to PNG authors that no matter if our books are not selling, are not distributed within our country or recognised by even our own government – I urge that we keep producing books.

I hold the strong view that PNG will be inhabited by a literate society one day and they will search for historical information about their country. The digital copies held by Pukpuk Publications will help.

We no doubt are contributing draft copies on the history of our country by writing down our experiences and feelings in poetry, essays, short stories, books etc.. which might become invaluable one day.

Well done, Phil. The website looks terrific and informative.

A another great step forward. Well done done, Phil.

The site looks great Phil. Well done.

I've just received my copy 'Fighting for a Voice' from Amazon. It didn't take log to arrive after the order was placed on the 21st of June.

Excellent website, Phil. Well done.

Looks great and works well, Phil. Another laudable step in the development of PNG literature. Well done!

As I said, we are still tinkering with the site.

We have now published the website, Google+ page and Facebook page at the following links:

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